“Ahhhh…. to Entertain”

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Kevin Otto / Originals

Kevin has over 30 Original Songs and writes under the Production Name             Caller12         Samples can be heard by clicking KO Originals and the Disks will be sold world wide….Along with other merchandise.

“We Personally Test Your ROCK N ROLL”


Book the Band: Dan (920) 279-0689 or KO (920) 460-2777 Or Inquiries: crashmates@gmail.com

Based out of the Fox Valley, Wisconsin. Do you have a favorite local band? See us and that just may become Crash Mates! Challenge: When you come to one of our shows I’d like you to walk right up to Kevin and tell him just what you like to see in a local band. What don’t you like to see as well.

Crash Mates is also available for YOUR PARTY.

This is a group that has experience doing large festival shows as well as smaller volume sensitive shows & everything in between. We are a band that focuses on the clubs success and their customers leaving with a genuine feel good about the nights experience. We DANCE / You DANCE – We Yell / You Yell More – EVERYONE is accepted and equal….

Always New Material

Crash Mates wants to keep improving the song list and quality of the show. We update our song list when new ones are added. Please e-mail song suggestions or club suggestions.crashmates@gmail.com

Impressive Links

Crash Mates web site will link up (soon) to some life changing sites and blogs from friends and family. We’ll have sample music and videos that may just make you yearn to see the band and look at life for the feel good it offers.